Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Training Complete

The workshop wrapped up about two hours ago. I suppose today was slightly better than yesterday. I learned a couple of things. Unfortunately it pertained to things we do not use our system for. I got to correct the instructor once again today. The other funny thing I noticed today was that I was easily the youngest person in the room, probably by ten years in fact. Come to think of it, last year's MS Access class was the same. There were probably a few people in their mid-30s, but the rest were definitely older. Darn kids these days ain't got no respect for lurnin'. And get off my lawn, too!

Anyway, I'll fly back home tomorrow morning. It's funny how being away even for such a short time makes you appreciate little things that much more. Mom better be taking good care of Tiberius, too. I don't how I ended up letting a well-known cat-hater take care of the coolest cat in the world, but I did. Don't worry, Tiberius, I'll make it up to you.

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