Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama's Victory Speech

This guy knows how to talk.

I've heard lots of criticism of Obama's campaign and speeches as being a bunch of nice rhetoric, but ultimately meaningless without solid action to back it up. I disagree. One, because I think his record speaks as a man who does put his principles into action. Two, 99% of politics is talk. Even when pols are in Congress trying to pass legislation, they do it by talking. I think it is also important (no matter where you are) to have leaders that can inspire their people to rise up to something greater. Obama does that in a way that no other politician I have seen in my lifetime, not even Bill Clinton in his heyday. I want that. I want a President who will say, "Let's come together and create a whole better than the sum of the individual components." I don't even agree with many of Obama's positions, but I do believe he can raise our country up. All of us.

Big Victory in South Carolina

Barack Obama has pulled off a landslide win in South Carolina. He got more than twice the votes Clinton did. More importantly, he won in nearly every major demographic group, including older voters and women. This is exactly what his campaign needed. The last two weeks have shown voters the real nature of the Clintons (if they didn't know it before) and it hurt them in South Carolina. Of course, this race is not over, but I think this decisive victory is going to make it much harder for Clinton. I see some hope for our nation.

Going forward for Obama, I think it is very important he rise above the Clintons' smear tactics. It gets him off message and brings him down to their level. A positive focus is vital for him to keep this momentum otherwise he runs the risk of looking like just another pol. Yes, he needs to respond to attacks, but it needs to be specific and brief. I think he has what it takes and whatever else one can say about this election, I think it will strengthen Obama and make him that much tougher as a politician.


My mom tells me that my kids embarrassing me is payback for the times I embarrassed her. I got some payback today. I've been telling my daughters for a couple of months that I was going to take them to the bank to start a savings account for each of them. As it turns out, one of the teacher's aides at their school, Miss Ricki, works at my bank and told my daughters that I should talk to her because the bank has a promotion going on now.

So, yesterday I met her when I picked Erica and Shaena from school. She asked for my number and said that she would get an appointment set up for me and call me with the time. She did and this morning at 10:00, the girls and I went into Wells Fargo. We had to wait a little bit because the lady who was going to set up our accounts was still with another customer. While sitting in the lobby, we had this exchange.

Shaena: Dad, do you like Miss Ricki?
Me (knowing where this could go and groaning inside): Uh, she seems really nice.
Shaena: There's this girl at school who went over to Miss Ricki's for supper and she said that Miss Ricki is a really good cook. (Of course, my daughter's know that I do not like to cook.)
Erica (loudly): Shaena, do you think he's going to marry her?
Me (face turning red): Uhhhhh

Thankfully Miss Ricki was not nearby, though I'm sure a few other employees of the bank heard this. Kids. You gotta love 'em.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Joel Osteen's Message

An interesting article about Joel Osteen contains this gem:

“The reason [Osteen is] so popular is because of the spiritual infantilism of America. Not just spiritual, the infantilism of American culture,” Anthony says. “And he feeds the Paris Hilton, Britney Spears culture. It’s all me. Benefit me. What can I do for me? How can I feel better? What can I do about me? How you can get the best of your life? It’s all me-centered.”

Of course, Joel Osteen is popular. He asks nothing of you. Those sorts of people are easy to get along with. Unfortunately, if you surround yourself with people who accept the status quo and never strive for something better even when things may be pretty good, you will end up leading a shallow, empty life. Surround yourself with people who constantly say, "We can do better," and your life will be rich, the rich that counts and not the material wealth Joel Osteen wants you to have.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bill Clinton's Desire

The truth comes out. I think this comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger Passes

Actor Heath Ledger has been found dead in his apartment. Drug overdose is the most likely culprit at this point. What a shame. I think he had a fine career ahead of him. I feel bad that one of my first thoughts was, "I hope he's filmed all of his scenes for The Dark Knight."

Star Trek Trailer

Paramount has released the first teaser for the new Star Trek film coming out this December. It's definitely a teaser, so there is little in the way of detail. A new beginning definitely seems to be what they are going for. There are lots of shots of the Enterprise being put together. Whether this is a refit or a new ship remains to be seen. Hearing Leonard Nimoy's voice was also very cool. As skeptical as I am, I couldn't help but get a little excited.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Nevada Shenanigans

Another first-hand account of underhanded tactics by Clinton supporters in Nevada. Do you think we'll see either Clinton coming out against this? Yeah, right.

Weekly Music Video

A classic 80's video: a-ha with "Take On Me."

Weekly Secret


Uplifiting Words

Check out this transcript of a speech Obama gave in Atlanta this morning. Just reading it gave me chills. It is exactly why I support him, because words can be an opening to something greater.