Monday, March 17, 2008

The Ups and Downs of MS

The last week has been a little rocky for me. My mood has been more down than up. I've felt very tired even when I get a full night of sleep and take my Provigil. I've felt cold even when the room is normal room temp. It is frustrating to say the least, but I suppose I should be grateful that I'm not getting any numbness or struggling with any motor activities.

The Difference Between Men and Women

Apparently men learn about war and weapons through osmosis whereas women have a harder time figuring all that stuff out. At least that's according to Dana Perino, White House Press Secretary. I wonder if she also thinks women are too emotional to be in charge and should submit meekly to their husbands.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some People Just Don't Change

A man in California has been arrested for the 111th time. You read that right, one-hundred and eleven. He's 48, so let's do some math. No doubt this does not include anything before he was 18, so we'll say this is 111 in thirty years. What's that work out to?

111 arrests ÷ 30 years = 3.7 arrests/year or approximately every 3 months and 7 days.

Even better, because of a paperwork snafu, this guy was released and a warrant has been issued for his arrest due to parole violation. I'm sure glad our system works so well.

Did a Good Deed? Too Bad We Don't Care!

It's no wonder that so many people feel disinclined to help others. It just gets you into trouble.

15-year-old Marina High School student, Amanda Rouse, felt ill on her way to school last Wednesday morning, and decided to stay on her bus as it picked up elementary school students. The driver would take her home after the elementary route was finished.

However, by doing this, she didn’t follow proper procedure for leaving school grounds with her illness (checking out at the office, getting parent approval, etc.).

While the bus was driving the elementary route, the driver fell out of her seat at a sharp turn, and struck her head. The bus veered to the side and began hitting parked cars.

Rouse immediately jumped into action, hopped in the driver’s seat, applied the brakes and brought the bus to a safe stop.

So what does the school district do in response to this heroic act? Rouse was slapped with a weekend detention for ‘cutting class.’

That'll learn her. I bet she never "cuts class" again. Or she'll just decide that helping people isn't worth it and not do it again. One of the two.

Clinton's Experience

It's the number one issues she touts as a reason to vote for her. Unfortunately, the MSM has mostly given her a free pass on this and taken her at her word. Now that it is nearly mathematically impossible for her to get the nomination, they finally step up and start doing their job.

Time has started a series examining her claims of experience. The first part looks at the three issues she brings up most often.

Children's health care:

THE BOTTOM LINE: The record suggests Clinton did indeed lobby for children's health coverage but that many others were responsible as well. And it also shows that her husband nearly killed the idea before it ever got off the ground.

North Ireland peace process:

THE BOTTOM LINE: Clinton played a role in hearing the concerns of Irish women left out of the peace process, and in encouraging them to put pressure on their countrymen to pursue negotiations. But that does not mean she rolled up her sleeves and conducted or led the talks that resulted in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Macedonia refugees:

THE BOTTOM LINE: In the case of Macedonia, Clinton engaged in personal diplomacy that brought about change. But securing the return of American business partners is not the same as the opening of borders to thousands of refugees. That accomplishment was a result of broader U.S. and European efforts during the war. where's her experience again?

Weekly Secret


Weekly Music Video

In honor of my ex-wife's critical thinking skills, I'll put up a video from Queen. about "I Want to Break Free" which not only features the band dressed up in drag, but Freddie cavorting about with his shirt off (won't someone think of the children?) and dancing with people all dressed in skin-tight clothing in a sexually suggestive manner (armageddon is nigh!).

I guess I'm going to hell, because Queen is my favorite band.

More Craziness from the Ex

A couple months ago, I wrote about my ex-wife telling a few of my daughter's teacher that I am a warlock. I heard another hilarious/sad comment from her yesterday. My daughter, Shaena, said, "Mom said she started knowing you were weird after you started really liking Queen 'cause the singer's gay." Thankfully both of my daughters thought that this was a little strange. Of course I did not tell them that Freddie Mercury imbued all of Queen's albums with Satanic magic so that playing them in reverse makes you catch a case of...teh ghay!. Oh, noes!