Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sometimes It's Best to Just Keep Your Mouth Shut

Not me this time, but someone in the class today. I was the first person to arrive save the instructor. The next person in was an, uh, interesting character. He was talking with the teacher about something, don't remember what, when he declared that he was a "genius." He did not say this with irony or as a joke. No, he was dead serious. He also had to say that school was very easy and that he never struggled. I swear this was not me. Anyway, he made oddball comments throughout the day, but the best part was that he and his partner were the last ones done on every freakin' exercise we did today. Everyone would have to sit around and wait for the two of them to finish and it didn't appear that Mr. Genius's partner was holding him back any. The two of them were equally culpable in the molasses pace. It was hard not to make a crack about the "genius" and his blistering speed but I refrained. No doubt he was completely clueless as to the disparity between his words and his actions.

I suppose that makes him fit in with a good chunk of humanity.

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