Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gays in the Military

Hilzoy makes one of the best arguments for gays being allowed to openly serve in the military.

I imagine that it often happens that soldiers who are part of the same unit do not like one another. Sometimes, a soldier might even despise another member of his or her unit, or think that other soldier immoral or contemptible. And yet, when these feelings do not have to do with sexual orientation, we routinely expect soldiers to put their personal feelings aside and do their jobs. And when they don't, we assume that they, not the people they endanger, should be disciplined.

If, for instance, a soldier is racist, and cannot find a way to work with African-American soldiers, we do not discipline or expel the African-Americans. If a soldier dislikes another and cannot put her feelings aside and do her job, we do not punish the soldier she dislikes; we punish her. In all other cases, we assume that given a choice between two soldiers, one of whom is trying to complete his mission to the best of his ability, and one of whom is unable or unwilling to put his animosity aside and do his job, we choose the first. We expect this of our men and women in uniform, and we also expect that they will be given the training and the leadership they need to act like professionals.

I have never understood why it's different when gay men and lesbians enter the picture.

With any luck this appalling law will soon be repealed and gay people will be allowed to openly serve our country.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah, Government

Flint, Michigan is now regulating how people dress. And, no, it's not saying that people must be clothed in public. They have passed a law outlawing baggy pants.

I'm glad that Flint has solved all of its other problems and just had this little thing to make their town peachy keen. The city must be a haven of bliss especially with those damn kids and their saggy pants off the streets. I bet every citizen of the town is now holding hands and singing Kum-Bah-Ya while angels sound their harps.

Or maybe, the idiots running Flint should get their heads out of their asses and worry about things that really matter, say the shitty economy.

Would She Rather He Had Stuck Around?

A woman has successfully sued her ex-fiance for $150,000 because he broke off the engagement.

Shell argued her fiance's promise of marital bliss amounted to a binding contract. She said she left a high-paying job in Florida to be with Gibbs and she said she has suffered financial losses since their break-up. She also said she has suffered emotionally.
"People shouldn't be allowed to do that and hopefully he'll think twice before he does it to someone else," said Shell.

Wow. Isn't it better to break up before the marriage rather than get married and realize they weren't right for each other? I guess not according to this woman. This seems to be a clear case of inflated self-importance. "I'm special and I should always get what I want." Maybe the guy broke up with her in a rather distasteful manner; still, it shouldn't give her the ability to make him pay her $150,000. Guess what, lady? Life's a bitch. Grow up and deal with it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A great quote about doubt via the Dish.

Despite the common delusion to the contrary the philosophy of doubt is far more comforting than that of hope. The doubter escapes the worst penalty of the man of faith and hope; he is never disappointed, and hence never indignant. The inexplicable and irremediable may interest him, but they do not enrage him, or, I, may add, fool him. This immunity is worth all the dubious assurances ever foisted upon man. It is pragmatically impregnable. Moreover, it makes for tolerance and sympathy. The doubter does not hate his opponents; he sympathizes with them. In the end he may even come to sympathize with God. The old idea of fatherhood submerges in a new idea of brotherhood. God, too, is beset by limitations, difficulties, broken hopes. Is it disconcerting to think of Him thus? Well, is it any less disconcerting to think of Him as able to ease and answer, and yet failing?"- H.L. Mencken. From "Damn, a Book of Calumny" (now out of print, but available in "A Mencken Chrestomathy"; p.96)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Music Video

Who doesn't love church bells? They have such a big, rich sound that makes them a perfect fit for hard rock/heavy metal, so how about a two-fer this week?

Metallica - "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

AC/DC - "Hells Bells"

If those don't get your blood pumping, check your pulse.

Weekly Secret

I can relate to the sentiment behind this at times.