Thursday, March 27, 2008

In the Air Tonight

Sing it, Phil.

The flight to Atlanta was very pleasant. I much prefer flying in a 757 to flying in a DC9 or something tiny.I'm guessing weather here is going to be a preview of Billings; it's only about 50 degrees here. Okay, enough whining about the weather.

It's a good thing I checked the monitors here. My ticket said this next flight would be at gate B8, but it's actually at A6. No doubt this is related to all of the flight cancellations Delta announced today for safety checks or something. I'm glad none of min have been cancelled. Yet.

Google/Blogger need to work on the spellcheck. It's trying to tell me that "cancelled" is misspelled and in an ironic twist that "spellcheck" is also misspelled.

Anyway, the flight to Salt Lake takes off at 10:25, so I have an hour or so to kill. I'll probably dive back into my book which is good so far.

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