Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Being Challenged

I went to class this morning excited, ready to learn some new stuff about the software we use at the hospital for security access.

Alas, 'twas not meant to be.

The trainer did seem to know what he was talking about. Mostly. I did correct him twice about some questions that came up. It reminded me of the two-day workshop I attended last year for MS Access. The instructor twice asked me how I would do something, once in regards to a question another student asked and once about a problem he was trying to figure out. *sigh* I didn't learn much if anything in that workshop either.

Anyway, the class was so...basic. I can't think of one thing the instructor covered that I hadn't already learned either from pouring over the user manual or just figuring it out on my own. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better, but based on what I saw today, I'm not holding my breath.

It is rather frustrating going to classes like this and not learning anything because you know as much or more than the instructor or at least what he is teaching. I'm sure someone will say, "Shane, it sounds like you're whining about being smart." But, I'm not. Most of my K-12 education was like this, as well. I was bored. I want to be challenged and it seems there are few I encounter who can. Argh, it sounds like I'm bragging now. I'm truly not. I do not consider my intellect to make me in any way better than anyone else. It is simply one of the gifts I have been given, one I am grateful for. The opportunity to really use it, though, to stretch it and see how far it goes has not been given me. I hope that when I graduate and get a "real" job, I will find situations that challenge me, but right now I am not getting them. I crave the moment they do come because I know that at some point they will. Will I be ready? I think so.

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