Monday, March 24, 2008

Florida Bound II

I am now sitting in the airport at Newark, New Jersey. The flight here was good for the most part. I can get a little queasy when flying. I felt fine on my first flight and the majority of this one was fine, too, but toward the end we hit some mild turbulence. It didn't help that I was sitting in the back, the second to last row, so for the last twenty minutes or so of the flight, my stomach was not agreeable. I kept its contents in, though, so it wasn't all bad.

Flying can be somewhat of a strange experience. Perhaps it is the fact that I have not done it very much, but I can't help but feel slightly disconcerted when I do. Only about six-and-a-half real hours have passed since I left Billings, but because of the time changes, I am eight-and-a-half hours ahead. Even with the extra two hours I'm thinking, "Really?" 'cause it feels like the whole day is done and it should be bedtime.

I forgot to bring some reading material for my flights. I packed some school books to do homework during downtime, but all of that stuff is in the bag I checked. Not wanting to go through another flight reading the sales mags on the plane, I picked up The Kite Runner in Minneapolis. I got through about two-thirds of it coming to Newark and I'm sure I will finish it before I hit Sarasota. I guess I'll have to pick up another book for the journey home on Thursday.

It is a damn good book, by the way, and you should read it.


Jeromy said...

i'm 2/3 of the way through this book right now

Captain Noble said...

Cool. We'll have to compare notes when I get back.

FoxyShawna said...

That is one of my top fav. books.