Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy 29th birthday to my dear friend, Jeromy. I believe that this is the 20th birthday of his that I have known him. I certainly could not ask for a finer friend. Actually, I don't even think of Jeromy as a friend any more. He is a brother. I feel lucky, blessed in fact, to have someone like him in my life. We should all be so lucky. I know that if I ever need anything I can count on him to help me out no matter what. I also know Jeromy will accomplish great things in his life and I am excited to see where his path lies. So, Jeromy, I hope you had the best of days.

Jeromy having some quality time with his son, Elijah.

By the way, Jeromy, your present is in the mail, though it will probably be a few weeks before you get it. Sorry.


Mom said...

I love you!

-J- said...

Thanks for putting such a becoming picture of me on the internet. I can't complain a whole lot though, as I seem to recall a recent post about your dear mother's bowel movements...

At any rate, thanks for the thought and the post. Though it doesn't need to be said, I count you as a brother as well.

Captain Noble said...

See, I liked the picture because it showed you enjoying a moment with your son.

Captain Noble said...

And you can't say that this pic is any worse than the one you posted of your community. You look like you're about to bite someone.