Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have to think of an appropriate punishment for my daughter, Erica. Shortly before I took her and her sister home tonight, she told met that she cut a few of my cat's whiskers off. My buddy, Tiberius. Erica has strings that she uses to make key chains, bracelets, and such. Tiberius is forever getting into them because she leaves them out a lot. I've told her many times that if she wants him to leave her strings alone she needs to put them away. Well, she left them out today. Tiberius got into them and she decided to snip his whiskers. "It was just the tips," she said. I gave her a talking to and she was nearly in tears. I told her that when she came back next weekend I would have a punishment for her. Now I just need to think of something appropriate for what she did. Ah, kids.

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