Sunday, July 15, 2007

Constant Companion

I'm a cat guy. Dogs are cool; I have no problem with them (except for small yappers, i.e. my Mom's dog, Mia), but I just identify more with cats. The cat pictured is my buddy, Tiberius (yes, named in honor of the greatest captain ever). I adopted him from the local animal shelter a couple of years ago. He is a little more clingy than the typical cat. He frequently likes to lay on my lap (as he is now), follows me into the bathroom, sleeps with me (usually between my legs), and often just follows me around the house. Just like people, cats have their odd quirks. Tiberius does not like to be touched anywhere other than his head and neck. If you try to pet him anywhere else on his body, he will nip at you. He is amazingly good with kids, too. My niece, Alexis, loves to grab Tiberius' head and plant a big kiss on him. Most of the time he lets her do it. Usually after she does it, she says, "Uncle Shane, Tiberius loves me, doesn't he?" It's funny to watch.

I wouldn't know what to do without Tiberius now.

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