Saturday, September 15, 2007

Public School Woes

Jonathan Kozol, a noted critic of our nation's public school system, talks to Salon about No Child Left Behind and the struggles teachers face in the system.

I am still flabbergasted that anyone thought NCLB was a good idea. I think most people heard the title and thought is sounded good, so were for it. After all, if you are against NCLB, you must want to...LEAVE CHILDREN BEHIND! What kind of sick person wants that? I do think that our society has a vested interest in giving all of our children the best education possible. I don't think the government should be telling teachers how to do their jobs, though. Give schools the tools they need to mold young minds, but let them work out the details. The bigger the gap between where decisions come on how to educate our students and the students themselves, the bigger chance we have of failing to give the students the best education possible.

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