Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Torture Veil Continues to Be Lifted

Now we find out that members of the administration including Rice and Cheney sat in on meetings discussing specific torture techniques and how best to deploy them. I have to admit a little bit of surprise at seeing Powell and Rice on that list. I just lost a lot of respect for both of them and would have difficulty supporting either of them for any public office should they choose to run.


kyle said...

i dont know...i still have a reasonable amount of respect for mr powell.
it was fairly early (comparatively) on that he started to distance himself from the administration. he also came clean(ish) on a number of issues quite some time back.
he made some bad decisions, but at least he extracted himself from the party.
i just wish he had shared more of his insider knowledge and im sort of surprised/disappointed that he didnt leak more(?) information.
miss rice...on the other hand. well, i lost all respect for her a very long time ago. of course, that means she would likely be given a spot in a mccain administration (politicians seem to know exactly what i dont like and do that very thing).

Captain Noble said...

I still have some respect for Powell, but it decreases the more we learn about the inner workings of the Bush administration. Yes, he has tried to distance himself from some of it, but he has waited too long. It is easy to try to distance yourself from everything now because it has been such an epic disaster. If he had voiced his dissent earlier when it could have made a difference, then things might be different. And to sit in on meetings about torture and not say anything. How does he sleep at night?

As for Rice, I have lost a lot of respect for her before this. This just happens to be icing on the cake as it were.