Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh, I'm Dead Serious

I feel like I have a relatively good grasp of the female mind, as good as any male can have anyway. I've been surrounded and outnumbered by them all of my life. When it comes to dating them, though, I feel clueless.

I've asked two girls out in the last couple of months. Both situations were remarkably similar. Both girls had flirted with me a lot, not the mild flirting that happens all the time, but the kind that goes beyond that in word and deed and to me anyway indicated an interest in something more. I asked both girls out. Both said in the aftermath, "Are you serious" and then told me they had boyfriends.

I, of course, felt stupid afterwards in both cases, though I know I shouldn't have. Neither had a ring on their finger or ever said anything about a boyfriend. Both flirted very heavily and it wasn't just me thinking it. I had other people comment on it. In my view, both were giving off signals that they were interested in more than flirting, but as it turns out they really weren't.

So, is this normal? Is that how ladies of my generation act? Is it just me or do other men out there have similar stories?


Jeromy said...

Don't worry Shane, I'm sure the perfect woman for you is out there...

She may be in a galaxy far, far away, but she's out there.

Seriously man, don't spend a lot of time trying to figure "them" out. Every tool you've ever learned to discern a given situation (i.e.- rationality, logic, experience, historical context, randomness theory, etc.) won't help you understand the softer gender. But you know, these oddities of feminie behavior can work to your advantage
don't lose hope. :)

Captain Noble said...

Ah, I haven't lost hope or anything. A little frustrated? Yeah, I'll admit that. And it's not like it is only females who say one thing but mean another.

Sharie said...

Shane, allow me to give you a female input although you might not want mine. If I am going to flirt with another man(and I have) then I do it when I am uphappy with who I am with. Most women do. They also flirt innocently because it makes us feel like we are still women instead of wives, mothers, ect. It makes us feel like we still have it if you know what I mean. Although I have to say that they should have told you about a boyfriend because you can still flirt a little even so. Don't worry at least you put an effort out which shows amazing courage.