Thursday, April 10, 2008

Master of Puppets

My sister made a comment on a previous post about all of the "needle sticks" I will have to give myself. That's made me curious how many it will be, so let's add 'em up.

3/day (21/week) - blood sugar tests
4/day (28/week) - insulin injections
1/day (7/week) - copaxone shot (MS)
1/week (1/week, duh) - avonex shot (MS)

That adds up to...57 needle pokes a week. Wow. I'm in serious junkie territory here. I think this calls for a Metallica music video, one of the greatest metal songs of all time and about the subject at hand.

"Master of Puppets"


Sharie said...

Shane like I said before, Wow! I have seen how much diabetics have to poke themselves and again, Wow! Well metallica did it justice...Hey if you ever want I can help you give yourself needle sticks....could use the practice heh?

FoxyShawna said...

I'll take a "stab" at helping you out if you need an extra hand with your needles. LOL

Captain Noble said...

Yeah, Mom keeps volunteering to help, too. She makes stabbing motions like she's Norman Bates and gets a wild gleam in her eye.

I don't think I'm going to let anyone get near me with a needle. I've got it covered.