Thursday, April 10, 2008

Latest Readings

I finished reading Fahrenheit 451 last weekend with my daughters. I have read it before, but it was back in high school, I believe, so many of the small details had been forgotten. It is an excellent book, of course, and my daughters really enjoyed. I think the best part, though, came from the discussions afterward. We talked about censorship and the different forms it can take and why it is so bad. Coming from a home that is very rabidly pro-censorship, it was good for them to get a different take on things. I hope they will keep it in mind when they hear some of the garbage they do at home.


kyle said...

i read something a while back. must have been about a year now. but this girl's mother was all up in arms because her daughter was reading a book for class that had some 'bad' words in it. she talked with the teacher who allowed the daughter to read an alternate book.
the book she was supposed to be reading, the one with the bad words, was fahrenheit 451. im guessing the mother missed the irony of her actions.

Captain Noble said...

That's hilarious.

I've never understood the censorship thing or parents attempting to shelter their kid from every bad thing out there. The kids are going to be exposed to that stuff one way or another eventually. Isn't it better for parents to guide their kids through these things? Can't they let their kid read a book and then talk to them about it? I know that takes work, but isn't that what being a parent is all about? Maybe that's just me.

kyle said...

no doubt. let them experience stuff while they are young and will still talk/listen to you (a little).