Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Last Minute Stay

My brother, Shawn, has decided to hold off on selling the house for two years. I'm a bit shocked, I must say. While he has said a few times that the money is not his main reason for selling (it is the "burden" of owning it and Mom), he was just saying two days ago that he needed the money to make it in Missoula. The problem is that he really doesn't know what he needs. Love, or what he thinks is love, has clouded his mind and being with his girlfriend is all he can think about. I know exactly what he is thinking and feeling right now. I went through the same thing when I was younger. I just hope he learns more quickly than I did what is wrong with his current path.

I know my Mom is happy, but I can't help but feel that on a certain level this just prolongs the agony. Two years is not a long time and before you know it the time will be gone and once more my mother will faced with the soul-crushing experience of parting from a life-long dream. Perhaps something will change in two years. Who knows? I hope that whatever happens a decision can be reached that is not too painful for my mom.

In the meantime, it might get a little hairy making ends meet here. Shawn wants to be free of all responsibilities here including contributing to the house payment. Mom and I would be drained to the breaking point if we had to pay for everything on our own, so we are talking about finding someone who wants to rent a room. The obvious first choice would be one of my sisters, but I don't think that is feasible. Sheena, while deeply unhappy with her current boyfriend in many ways, in all likelihood does not have the strength of will or desire to leave him. Sharie is living here, but has not been subtle about her desire to leave as soon as possible. Shawna will not live here as long as Sharie is, but even after Sharie leaves, I don't think she would want to move back. Shawna is too antsy and she feels like a "loser" living with her mother.

That means Mom and I will have to look elsewhere and I can't say I'm excited about the idea. I'm not so worried about finding a decent person who pays the rent on time as I am having a stranger move in. I'm a fairly private person. The notion of a stranger living here, eating here, hanging out here is somewhat unnerving. We'll see, I suppose.

I am happy that Mom does not have to face moving out now. I hope everything works out down the road.


FoxyShawna said...

I am very hapy that Shawn has decided to wait to sell the house.

I love your comment about me being "antsy and feeling like "loser" living with mom.

I hope me paying mom for child care will help out. I am paying her about 75 a week.

Captain Noble said...

75 cents?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 75 cents. That is all moms child care skills are worth.

FoxyShawna said...

That last comment was me signed on to Sheena's acct.
Had a good time visiting with you last night Sheena.

Captain Noble said...

Are you having some identity issues, Shawna?