Friday, August 31, 2007

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Of course the games girls like the most involve playing with the minds of boys. I'm not sure why we put up with it exactly, other than...well, I guess we like it. *sigh*

Katie Joy volunteered on Tuesday, so I swung by and talked to her. I asked her when we could go out again and you'd think I'd asked her to solve Fermat's last theorem. She smiled and laughed as she said, "Well, I'm busy that night," and "That night won't work," and so on. I think we went on like that for twenty minutes before I said, "You tell me what you want to do and when." She suggested a movie and asked me to see what was playing.

She was volunteering again today. I printed out movie times for all of the theaters in town and we talked about what to see. We finally decided on Becoming Jane. That was fairly easy. We (she) still had to figure out when we were going to go. She pulls out her color-coded schedule and tries to figure out the "best night." She finally decides that tomorrow (Saturday) will work. I was starting to wonder if I would have look up movie times for the next week by the time she decided. I'm sure she finds this all wildly amusing.

That wasn't it, of course. She wanted to go to the 7:00 show which was fine with me. I said I would pick her up, but then she started going on about working and church. Katie Joy asked if I would go to church with her. Afterward, we could do dinner and then go to the movie. I found myself agreeing before I thought about it too much. I knew if I did start thinking about it, I would probably say, "No thanks."

Katie Joy is intelligent, but I also think she is naive about many things. It seems like she has led a very sheltered, charmed life. Maybe she hasn't, but I don't think my insight into people has failed me here. I almost get the sense that while she understands intellectually that their are different beliefs than hers in the world, she doesn't quite grasp that those beliefs are very real to many people. We were talking about school and I mentioned my upcoming class, God and World, examining the views of God/god/deities in religions throughout the world. The first thing she asked me was, "Well are you going to have to read the Bible?" Her tone of voice almost turned her question into "The only book you need to read is the Bible."

Anyway, my date, I mean "hanging out," tomorrow with Katie Joy is church, dinner, and a movie. Even if going to her church is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of something fun to do, I'm sure I will enjoy the evening. She is fun to be around even when she is playing her female games.


Mom said...

Let us all hope and "pray" that history does not repeat itself with women who want to be "godly."

Captain Noble said...

Well, I don't think she's batshit crazy like my ex. I just hope she's more tolerant.