Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"It's waiting for the master's touch."

I picked up my car from the shop today. Was it fixed? Of course not. This mechanic, just as the last one, was unable to find the problem. It never died for them. He told me they drove it around the city a few times and left it running for a few hours three times in the shop. It never died. He tested a few parts and they checked out. He told me that without knowing what the problem was, the only thing he could really do is start replacing various parts and see if that worked. Obviously, that would be expensive and I respectfully declined his offer.

He jokingly said that my car might not like me and that maybe "it's waiting for the master's touch." When I told him that my sister's vehicle did the same thing to me the other day, he laughed, but he had that look on his fact that said, "Yeah, it probably is you, you kook."

So, I have my car back and it's still not fixed. I don't know whether to get upset or laugh at the absurdity of it.


FoxyShawna said...

I don't really see this happening to "The Captain" you know, James T Kirk. You are not giving him a really good name. Now he has the masters touch. Have you thought about handing your role over as the Captain to someone who can do the job and has the masters touch? Sorry, but you are just not showing me good captain qualities.

Captain Noble said...

Captain Kirk wasn't just awesome by himself, though. He also had the best crew in the galaxy. Where's my Scotty to effect repairs on my vehicle?