Sunday, July 29, 2007

Car Problems II: Son of Car Problems

Apparently, the feeling is mutual when it comes to my hatred of my car. The day after I wrote about it stalling on me while I was coming home from work, it did it again. Four times. In the same trip. Argh!

So, it's at the shop now. They've had it since Tuesday and I haven't heard from them, yet. I'm getting nervous that they will come back and tell me it's going to cost me some outrageous amount to get it fixed. I have such a burning desire to drive it off a cliff (without me in it).

In the meantime, I am borrowing my sister, Shawna's, vehicle. She just spent some $1500 or whatever getting it fixed. It will probably break down on me, too. I've already had the knob on the gear shift fall off and refuse to be put back on. Shifting without it is rather a pain.

Where's Scotty when I need him?

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