Saturday, June 9, 2007

Early morning musings on pain

It's about 1:45 in the morning. I'm sitting in a parking garage at work babysitting stuff for a garage sale tomorrow. Security isn't my regular job anymore, but I still pick up the occasional relief shift because I need the money and it can be fun.

Speaking of fun, I got tased last weekend. I picked up a couple of shifts and since our department carries tasers now, I wanted to be certified to carry. So, I rode the lightning. It was certainly the longest, most painful five seconds of my life. It felt like a ton of bricks slammed into me. I swear, if someone points a taser at me now, I'm putting my hands up and cooperating. It was amazing how quickly the pain passed, though. For a second or two after the taser finished its cycle, I still felt it, but then it was gone. I jumped up and was good to go. Now I get to carry one and share the love if someone doesn't want to play nice with others.


FoxyShawna said...

Shane with a tazer..... scary!

There is a video of his ride if you would like to watch him fall over in pain.

I think that every soon-to-be father she have at least a five second ride so to be a bit more compassionate to expecting mothers.

Captain Noble said...

Hmmm...I think that women should get tased every time they cry about men not understanding the pain they go through in child birth.

FoxyShawna said...

Whatever, we are just sick of you taking us for granted. My next kid, I am bringing a taser to the delivery and like hiding under the pillow and just when my hubby gives me any shit about the pain I am going to whip that thing out and tase the shit out of him.

I have a nice mental picture in my head of this happening.

Captain Noble said...

I have a picture of you attempting to do this, screwing it up, and tasing yourself. Then you blame your husband.

And the guys who actually do take women for granted are not guys worth having around. Amazingly enough, there are guys out there who respect women and treat them accordingly. You just need to look a little harder.

FoxyShawna said...

I have not entirely given up on men. I am going to be a whole hell of a lot pickier!