Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Secret


This secret brings to mind an article I read awhile back about abortion. A doctor who performed abortions was writing about the people he had met who he would see picketing outside the clinic one day and then another day would be in themselves or bringing a daughter. The dissonance was striking.

For me, though, I think we just need to keep some compassion in mind when dealing with other people. Screaming at someone and calling them a baby killer is going to be less productive than sitting down and trying to empathize with them. Most of the people going in to get an abortion are not serial abortionists using the procedure as a form of birth control. They are someone who made a mistake and are scared, unsure what to do. If someone was to take the time to talk to them and hear their story, they would probably be better able to talk the person out of their abortion.

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