Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Assisted Suicide

A UK woman asked the court to clarify the law on assisted suicide, but was denied. She has multiple sclerosis and says that if her condition get worse, she wants to travel to Switzerland to end her life, but does not want her husband to face prosecution.

Having MS myself, I sympathize with this woman's condition. I have no physical debilities, yet, but the knowledge that someday I will is always lurking in the back of my mind. However, I do not think that just because life gets hard, we should end it. If the only thing keeping you alive is a machine, then I don't think it is a problem to pull the plug. That is not morally objectionable. But deliberately taking steps to end your life because you are in pain or are physically incapacitated is not something I condone.

That said, I think laws against suicide are stupid. Laws against assisted suicide are another matter, though. That should definitely not be legal. I believe that life is precious, all life. If my mother or my daughters or anyone I dearly love suffered from chronic pain or any sort of serious incurable illness, I would do everything in my power to comfort them and be there for them during their time of need. I would not help them commit suicide, however. As much as I would want their pain to end, it is not my choice to make for when that end comes. That decision is above my pay grade.

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