Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baucus Update

So, I was unable to meet with Senator Baucus yesterday. Kyle (an occasional commenter here) and I went to the Senator's local office, and instead of getting a meeting, we got lots of confusion.

"Who are you?"
"Who were you meeting with?"
"Who set this up?"

Needless to say, we did not get to meet with anyone. The staff who was there informed us that August was a very busy month, but if we wanted to leave our contact information, they might be able to set up something in September. "Don't call us; we'll call you," was how it came across. That's okay. We'll keep bugging 'em until we get a meeting. I suppose it is only appropriate that my first attempt at getting into the political game (more than just writing here or to my representatives) ended this way. I'm just a nobody. For now.

Kyle called me a short time later to say he was supposed to meet with someone from Denny Rehberg's office later in the day. I couldn't make it to that and I haven't heard how it went. We're also supposed to meet with someone from Jon Tester's office next week.

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