Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Car Gods Are Displeased...Again

I don't know what I have done to them, but they are pissed at me again. Two days ago, I couldn't start my vehicle and I figured out it was because the cable running from the battery to the rest of the car had fallen apart. Literally. It had been held together by electrical tape which had slipped away and was now just hanging there. Digging up some electrical tape of my own, I did a quick job of taping it back together and off I went.

Except that I had to do it nearly every time I got back into the car because it kept falling apart. And then today, I hit the jackpot. Apparently a fuse blew or something shorted out along the line somewhere because I can't even get the thing to spark now when I put the pieces together. Oh, the battery is still good. Crossing a couple of screwdrivers touching the posts gets a good zap, but nothing comes from the damn wire.

So, the car is sitting behind the local mall. I'd love to just firebomb it, but, alas, I need a vehicle. Even if they hate me and go out of their way to make my life difficult.


kyle said...

you need to give that car a talkin-to. you should try shaming it into leaving the mall. i mean, comeon...the mall?
hope you get it all fixed up soon.

Captain Noble said...

I'm pretty sure the joy it takes in making my life difficult outweighs any shame it may feel over being left at the mall.