Monday, July 28, 2008

America is Doomed!

A new blog is going to chronicle the "mountain of sin" that is destroying our great nation.

This blog is going to be committed to chronicling the ever increasing mountain of sin that threatens to destroy America.

America was once the greatest country in the world. We were wealthy, we were civilized, we were cultured, we were generous and kind-hearted, we loved others, and we tried to follow God.

But now we have seen decades of moral decline. Men of God have gone across this nation warning that the huge mountain of sin that America is building will bring the judgment of God.

But has America listened? Has America repented? No! Instead America has treated God's patience with contempt and has indulged in ever increasing sin year after year. Now America is absolutely loaded with evil and wickedness.....

Thank God we have this guy around to point out all of the things we're doing wrong. I'm pretty sure no one has ever said anything about America being full of sinners before *coughJeremiahWrightJerryFalwellBennyHinnFredPhelpsPatRobertson
JamesDobsoncough* No doubt this blog will serve as a catalyst to right the course of our sinking ship and sail us to Heaven. *sniff* I'm gettin' all choked up just thinking about it.

Anyway...I might have to check this blog out from time to time, especially when I'm not in a good mood 'cause it will serve as the perfect reminder that things could be worse. I could be as stupid as this guy.

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