Monday, May 5, 2008

The Menaissance Has Begun

A month back or so, I wrote about the decline of traditional male virtues and my new favorite word - menaissance.

Well, the menaissance is beginning. Check out this awesome website: The Art of Manliness. It is dedicated to bringing back real men, not the sitcom variety that sits on the couch, is sloppy, openly leers at women, and gets drunk all of the time. No, it has articles on topics such as grooming your beard, how to be a gentleman on a date, how to select and wear ties, and how to start a fire without matches. This is great stuff.

I joke about being a man and menaissance, but I do think it is a serious issue. Making women equal to men in our society does not mean emasculating men or making everyone the same. It means understanding that we do have differences and that sometimes those differences are okay. Men and women are different beyond our reproductive organs. Our brains our different. We think differently. Instead of trying to change our differences, we need to embrace them.

So, bring on the menaissance!

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