Thursday, April 24, 2008

Woot! Fantasy is Back, Baby!

I am very proud of my daughters. I have written about my daughters not wanting to read fantasy novels because magic (even the fictional variety) is evil. This has been very frustrating because the only answer they can give as to why this is so is because their mother and grandmother have told them so. They admit they have heard nothing about magic from their church or their school; it is only mom and grandma who have said anything about it and the only reason they have given is "that's what the Bible says." :sigh:

So, I have had lots of talks with my daughters. I ask them tough questions to make them think about why they believe this (and other things, too) and make them see logical fallacies in their arguments. I stress to them that I am not trying to tell them what to think, only how. In all honesty, I would be disappointed if they did ultimately decide that yes, magic is evil and tempts people to Satan. I could accept it, though, if I knew that they had honestly thought through it and could lay out exactly why they felt that way (beyond, "But, Mom said!").

Anyway, I seem to have made headway. We have started reading the Dragonlance series again. They said their only fear is that their grandmother will find out and yell at them. Their psychology toward her would be fascinating if I wasn't their father and have seen what a destructive force she has been in their lives. They can't even lie to her for self-preservation. Anyway, they are very enthusiastic about the book. Fantasy video games are also okay now. Erica wanted to install Neverwinter Nights on her computer. To my shock, she chose to play an elf...mage.

I think the best moment was tonight, however. I introduced my daughters to that most evil of games - Dungeons & Dragons. I started helping them make their very first characters. Tomorrow night we should finish and they can start playing their very first adventure. I am so excited!

For anyone who wants an inside look at Satan's game, I offer this "hidden camera" glimpse into this occult game.

UPDATE: Fixed typo.

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Jeromy said...

I'll be watching this more than once...hilarious.