Friday, February 8, 2008

Living Your Beliefs

Rod Dreher has a great post on the importance of living your beliefs and not just talking about them on Sunday.

What's the broader message for people of faith? That passing on the faith to our children is not something we can or should rely entirely on the institutional church (sermons, Sunday school, Christian schools) to do. We have to do it in our homes and in our cultural lives -- and not in the sense of, "Tonight, children, we are going to discuss the doctrine of the Incarnation." The Christian faith (or any faith) has to be woven into the fabric of everyday life, has to be experienced not as an interesting add-on to normal life, but as normal life itself. This is particularly challenging in a culture like ours, where increasingly the only normative belief is that there is no normative belief. But what choice do serious religious believers have?

This is very true no matter what your beliefs may be. It doesn't take long for (most) parents to realize that so often with their children what they say isn't nearly as important as what they do.

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