Sunday, September 30, 2007

Obama and Hope

Andrew Sullivan wrote about Obama's speech at Harvard. He also includes a full transcript. It is very good and is an example of why I think Obama is the best candidate in the running now.

The truth is, though, one man cannot make a movement. No single law can erase the prejudice in the heart of a child who hangs a noose on a tree. Or in the callousness of a prosecutor who bypasses justice in the pursuit of vengeance. No one leader, no matter how shrewd, or experienced, or inspirational, can prevent teenagers from killing other teenagers in the streets of our cities, or free our neighborhoods from the grip of homelessness, or make real the promise of opportunity and equality for every citizen.

Only a country can do those things. Only this country can do those things. That's why if you give me the chance to serve this nation, the most important thing I will do as your President is to ask you to serve this country, too. The most important thing I'll do is to call on you every day to take a risk, and do your part to carry this movement forward. Against deep odds and great cynicism I will ask you to believe that we can right the wrong we see in America. I say this particularly to the young people who are listening today.

Channeling a bit of JFK there and that's not a bad thing. I think many of us in this country have forgotten how to sacrifice and serve. We need leaders guiding us back to that, leaders who will help us rise above ourselves and become a part of something big.

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