Saturday, August 18, 2007

Small Victory

I finished watching Lord of the Rings with my daughters today. We watched Fellowship last week, Two Towers last night, and Return of the King today. They loved it. Erica was a bawling mess at the end of it. Shaena was asking me questions to get more details about all sorts of things. I was very happy.

It was only a month ago, or so, that I mentioned watching LotR with them and they quickly vetoed the idea. They have mentioned before that it is evil and invites demonic influence into one's life. I knew that they would like it and I have made a lot of progress with them in the last year about this matter and have been able to get them to read books and watch movies that they never would have before. I knew LotR would be no different and that I would probably have to "trick" them into watching it.

I didn't trick them exactly. Last week I told them that we could watch a movie after they did their chores. We sat down on the couch and they were telling me some movies they wanted to watch. I had all ready put Fellowship in the DVD player and told them that I had picked one out. I hit play and waited nervously for their reaction. When "Lord of the Rings" appeared on screen, I was looking back and forth at them waiting for some sort of reaction, a comment, a look, anything. Nothing, actually, as they sat there rapt. When it was over, they were very excited and started bugging me to watch the next one. Unfortunately, it was late and they had to go home, so I told them they would have to wait. One of the first things they said to me when I picked them up yesterday was, "When can we watch the next part of Lord of the Rings?" I was very proud of them.

For me it is another small victory in my attempt to broaden their horizons and question the things they hear from their mother and their church. I still worry about it all the time, but moments like these make me feel better.

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