Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coming Soon - Captain and Katie Joy Date #2: Meet the Parents

Katie Joy called me back yesterday. I admit I was feeling the all too human "Is she going to call me back? Maybe she had a horrible time. Maybe I made a really bad impression." Aren't irrational emotions great. I wasn't panicked, but I was starting to wonder. Women do that on purpose, I'm sure.

We talked about mundane things for a few minutes and then I asked her when I could take her out again. She laughed and then paused. I get a little nervous wondering what's coming. Then she tells me she isn't "really dating" right now and hasn't for awhile. She feels that you date someone to see if you want to marry the person and she's not ready to get married right now because she wants to finish school right first and that will take at least three more years, and yadda, yadda, yadda. I made a crack about now having to cancel my plans to propose to her this weekend. She laughed but said again that she doesn't want to date anyone right now, just hang out with her friends. I said I didn't want to get married right now, either, and asked her when we could hang out again then. After thinking for a second, she said, "I'm having dinner with my parents and family on Monday. Do you want to come over?"

What! A million thoughts ran through my mind, like "How did we go from 'hanging out' to 'dinner with parents.'" Somehow, foolishly or gallantly, with almost no hesitation, I said, "Okay." She also told me that if we are going to "hang out" (yes, I heard the quotes in her voice) she wants me to seriously consider going to church. I just said, "We'll see."

So, now I am wondering about dinner on Monday. It will be interesting, I'm sure, if nothing else. I'm imagining all sorts of questions like, "So, Shane, why do you hate church? Are you down with Satan?" or "Do you always watch porn on your first dates?" or "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" Well, the last question would be cool, anyway. And, yes, I'm being snarky, not serious or judgmental. It will still be an, uh, interesting evening to be sure.

As to the church comment, I'm not sure. I know it's very important to her, but rather than just getting blanket demands, I would like to talk to her about church. I'm not sure she understands that even though I am not a regular attendee of a church, I am very serious about my Christian beliefs and do try to live them rather than just believe them. I don't remember Jesus intoning anything along the lines of "And, lo, ye will attend yon church weekly lest ye feel the flames of the fiery pits licking thy feet and the prick of the great Satan's sharp fork of pitch in thy belly." If our relationship does become serious, our religious differences will be something we will have to really talk about.

But, I guess we're not dating right now. We're just "hanging out" which apparently means dinner with her parents and attending church. You learn something new everyday if you pay attention.


FoxyShawna said...

I have always believed that you should never "change" for a person, however I do believe we all have to mold a little with the person that we are with.
This will be fun watching you "mold"

Captain Noble said...

Are you saying I'm moldy? *sniff* Dang, I do stink.

-J- said...

Hey man,

I've got a great idea. You,me Debbie, and Katie Joy will go on a double "hang out" some time. This would be a great opportunity to show off your Christian friends. I'll even quote some scriptures and say things like "what a blessing" and "halleluia to ya!" Don't mention the whole community thing though- she may think we're in a cult.

Captain Noble said...

Well, you are in a cult, though, aren't you?

I have actually been thinking about the double "hang out" myself (jeez that sounds like a bad euphemism). If I pass the test with her parents, we'll have to set something up.