Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where's the Tooth Fairy?

I had a tooth pulled earlier. At a checkup a few weeks ago, my dentist told me that I had cavities in all of my wisdom teeth. Well, one of them was actually chipped and cracked. He thought then that I could still keep that tooth.

Unfortunately, 'twas not meant to be. The cavities in the other teeth were small and easily filled. The cracked tooth, however, turned out to be worse than what he originally thought. He said he could do a root canal if I really wanted, but that it would be messy and may not work. He said it would be best to pull it and I agreed. I think there was a gleam in his eye when I consented to the tooth pulling.

Now, I just need to convince the tooth fairy to leave some money under my pillow. Since it was a big tooth and not a baby tooth, I'm thinking $20 sounds reasonable.


Mom said...

The tooth fairy says you owe her maybe about $200. After all of the pushing she did to try and get you to brush your teeth when you were younger. She was right and you were wrong and now it's pay up time!

Captain Noble said...

Mom, quit trying to cover for the tooth fairy. I know she's out there with cash burning a hole in her pocket. I think she may have lost the directions to our house.