Thursday, July 12, 2007


PostSecret is a very interesting website. I discovered it a few months ago and it has been featured on CNN and other news programs. People anonymously send the owner of the site a postcard with a personal secret on it. Every week (usually) the owner puts some of the postcards on his site for the whole world to see. I find it a fascinating look at people in our society. Many of the secrets are humorous, but many more clearly reveal some deep-seated pain. I think that in our current society, many of us have forgotten how to connect with someone. For all of the talk of cell phones, the internet, email, jet travel, and other technologies making the world smaller and allowing us to connect with more people; I think that we have forgotten how to meaningfully connect with someone. No technology can replace the intimacy and feeling that comes from being in the presence of another human being and talking with them, sharing a meal with them, or just being together.

I am very grateful that I have two people, my mother and my friend, Jeromy, that I know I could share anything with. Anything. Every human being needs that, I believe.

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