Sunday, May 6, 2007

Recent reading - The Prestige

I finished reading The Prestige earlier this week. I love the movie and have been wanting to read the book for awhile now. Obviously there was differences between the two, small small, others bigger. I found the book to be excellent, as well, but I'm not sure which I would say is better. I need more time to digest the book, perhaps even reading it again before I can make a more concrete judgement of it.

I almost wish I could have read the book before I saw the movie to see if I would have been able to pick up on the secret(s) before they were revealed. Ah, well. It was still an excellent read and I would say that the movie is an excellent adaptation keeping the spirit of the book if not the details.

Check them both out.

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Sharie said...

I loved the Prestige! I have the movie and have watched it a couple of times. I would love to read the book if I had time, books are always better anyway. However I think the movie would have done it justice.