Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wacky Pro-Lifers

Stuff like this is why I have problems with so many people in the pro-life movement.

Anti-choicers are really on the march lately, but even I was shocked by this latest news: South Dakota legislators are trying to amend some changes to the “justifiable homicide” definition to include killing someone to prevent the killing of a fetus. This proposed change is one of the best exposures of the beliefs about gender that are lurking underneath the maudlin fetus stuff, because the bill doesn’t allow anyone to play a white knight killing an abortion provider.....just a family member of the woman getting the abortion. And, it seems that it might include allowing the killing of the woman, too, though it’s tough to say. If a woman tells her husband she’s getting an abortion whether he likes it or not, and he kills her to stop it, he also kills the fetus, but he did act in accordance with the law in the sense of motivation. Lawyers in the house?


If this bill passes into law, a wife beater whose wife is trying to abort for the entirely sensible reason that you don’t want babies with a batterer could walk into a clinic, shoot the doctor to prevent the abortion, and plead justifiable homicide, with the blessing of the South Dakota legislature and presumably the anti-choice movement that lobbied them.

Look, I completely understand not liking abortion. I don't like it, either, and wish it didn't happen. But how does anyone think a law like this is going to make things better. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this is an issue where it's not much going to matter what sorts of laws are in place. Enough people support abortions and enough doctors are willing to provide them that the legal status of abortions is not going to stop them. Prohibition certainly didn't stop alcohol consumption.

I think that if people who don't support abortions really want to do something about it, they will support making contraceptives cheaper and more easily accessible, support better eduction to teenagers, support making adoption easier, and above all display a little compassion and humility. Crazy, I know, but I think that would be much more effective than this ridiculous law.

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Mistress MadamX said...

Wow - it's such a touchy subject. I personally am against it. But I know alot of friends who have. Ok - before I go any further. What happened to freedom of choice. Murder is killing someone who is actually living and walking. A fetus is something growing. If a lady decided to abort a child that is her choice. She may or may not have a reason, but she has the ability to decide if she wants to take care of the child.

Sigh... Like I said, I couldn't do it. I would go insane on stupid guilt inside of me. But let's not limit ourselves.

As for the man who shot her. Lock em up - there is something wrong with him. But that is my 2 cents. I am really not into politics because I get so angry, but what happened to all this freedom? We can't even say Merry Christmas because we are concerned we will make someone angry. It's become so politically correct it's driving me batty..