Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Trek: The Animated Series is Now Online for Free!

The best news of the day.

Star Trek: The Animated Series has been unjustly neglected by all but the most devoted Trekkies for most of the 36-plus years since it originally aired. The animation may — does — look cheesy by today’s standards, but some of the stories are truly excellent, and they did get all but one of the original cast members to do their characters’ voices.

Well, StarTrek.com has now put every episode of the series online for free viewing (though not, alas, downloading). If you’ve not seen any of the 22 episodes of the series, but are a fan of ST:The Original Series, you’re in for a treat. Some of them are just so-so, but even the worst of them is better (to my mind, anyway) than 70% of the episodes of ST: Enterprise.

I all ready play original series episodes in the background at work. These will have to join the queue.

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Mistress MadamX said...

Yessss... I saw this the other day. I am so excited! It's nice that they are putting it online for free. Star Trek will never die. Ha, I even got a red star trek dress from Think Geek.com. Not actual one that Uhura wore :( but more of a short dress with short sleeves. But it will suffice at anime shows when I help my friend out or taking pictures of everyone. I just need to get a big black wig. LOL.

Ill go over and watch the Tribble one :)