Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worst States

This is a fascinating map.

I'm curious how some of these were measured, though. Look at Ohio. It's the "Nerdiest state." How is that determined? And why is it a bad thing?

What about New Mexico being the most "anti-social." What were the metrics for that?

I must also say that I'm very proud of my home state, Montana, for being the worst in drunk driving. Way to go, guys! You earned it!


Tsar Clef Hue John said...

I dont understand Ohio being the nerdiest state. I would think it would be California for Silicon Valley and all the tech jobs, or Washington for Microsoft.

Captain Noble said...

That's why I wish the person who put this together had also released the metrics. Some of them are quite obvious, but others (*coughOhiocough*) are not.