Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Shaving and Facial Hair (Or Lack Thereof)

I'm on vacation from work this week. One of the best parts of not working is not shaving everyday. I dislike shaving; it's a pain in the ass. So, when not working I try not to shave much. It is nice, but the downside is that it is a painful reminder of my lack of facial-hair-growing skills. Today is the sixth day since a blade has touch my face and here are the pathetic results.

Here is a straight on shot.

I know what you're thinking. Shane, you said you haven't shaved in six days, but your face hardly looks different. Yeah, don't remind me.

So, here are my profiles.

Six days and look how little is there! It's very patchy (which is probably giving it too much credit) and there is clearly more on my left side than on my right. I suppose I should be grateful that I can grow what I can and I am, but it would still be nice if I could, you know, have a full face of hair if I wanted it. My dad can grow a jungle on his face in just a couple of days. Why couldn't he pass that on to me instead of the receding hairline?

Anyway, in just a few days I will have to return to hacking off the seven hairs on my cheeks (five on the left, two on the right) and then I can go back to pretending that I could grow a full beard if I really wanted to. I just gotta believe.


Jeromy said...

it's simply too easy to leave a snide comment about pre-pubescence and a hope that you might still reach manhood, so I won't.

Bluntforcemama said...

Alopecia for beards! Facial hair is SO overrated. But then again, so is shaving. It's a lose-lose situation.