Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Worrying About the Next Election

This is a story I would like to read about more often. Michael Bennett (D-CO) has said that he will vote for health care reform even if it costs him his seat. Perhaps it's naively idealistic, but I wish more politicians thought like this. I think that they should stand up and do the right thing even if it means they lose a re-election bid. There is something craven about not supporting a position or cause because you are worried about losing your job especially when your job is in public service. Unfortunately for us, the vast majority of politicians are in politics to serve their own ends and are only concerned with doing what's best for themselves. Even if a member of Congress took a position that I disagreed with, I could respect them if they said they were more concerned with doing what they felt was right than getting votes.

I guess I like people with principles.

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