Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of Insulin Pumps and Protein in My Urine

I had my three-month checkup last week with my doc. He gave me a referral to an endocrinologist so I can explore the option of getting an insulin pump. On one hand, it would be nice in that I would go from poking myself four or five times a day to once every three or four days for insulin. As much as I enjoy being a pincushion, a break would be nice. Pump users also typically have better control of their blood sugar with fewer ups and downs. On the other hand, I'm not sure I want a machine permanently attached to me, reminding me of my condition, especially if it's going to start looking for Sarah Connor.

I also had labs. My A1C was good, although it has creeped up a bit. What was a concern was my urine analysis. Protein showed up in my urine meaning my kidneys are not functioning properly. My doctor has prescribed lisinopril which is supposed to help. That puts me at six drugs I now take on a regular basis. At least this one is a pill, though. I suppose I should be grateful that their are drugs to help me manage all of my health issues, but right now I just feel...tired of it all.


bluntforcemama said...

HAHAH! Okay, I'm going to program your pump to look for Sarah Connor and blow up Hungary.

It would seem that you take pretty good care of yourself, so this is just one of those things you have to live with. It sucks, but it's life, and contrary to popular belief, karma is not a bar tab.

I want a pump that administers birth control, nicotine, caffeine, and 20 mg of lexapro. In that order. Please add it to my Christmas 2009 list.

Eye patch not included.

Anonymous said...
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Captain Noble said...

My anonymous friend returns with his font of wisdom. He says, "Was had already lent money with the bank, used the remnant value again the behavior which lent money to the folk."

I must not be one of the folk because I did not receive any of this money.

BFM, your request for a SuperAwesome Pump has been noted. Expect delivery on or about the 25th of December. It may not come with an eye patch, but the courier may be wearing one when he knocks on your door.