Monday, March 23, 2009

The Reason for Twitter

Christopher Walken
Not too long ago, I started a Twitter account. Being a computer junkie, I was curious about it and how people use it. It's interesting in that it seems to be mostly random one-off thoughts or just what people are doing at any given moment. If I didn't have a gadget on my desktop for it, I probably wouldn't use it because having to click to a webpage every time I want to use it would be just irritating.

However, today I have discovered the true reason to be on Twitter. Christopher Walken. Seriously, you have to check it out to read gems like this:

She said, "What if you really are you?" and that blew my mind. Okay, it didn't blow my mind. It feels like a good answer though.

An associate told me that he'd been cheating on his wife. He asked me not to talk about it and I probably won't. Unless it comes up somehow.


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