Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Parenting Tips

As a parent, I am always on the lookout for good advice on the subject and this guy seems to have a lot of wisdom.

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krissy knox said...

Okay, I don't l ike this guys cursing, or Jesus statue holding a gun, but that aside, I love what he said! And I want you all to know it is OH so true! And it doesn't take that much time to talk to your child to show them you care. My mom used to spend 20 minutes with each of us after school. She had six, that's right, six children. Let's see, that was two hours a day! But believe me, taking two hours a day was worth it to ensure we didn't end up growing up hoodlums or something. No drugs for us at all, no heavy drinking at all (almost zero amount), no smoking ciggies or anything else for that matter -- all six of us are caring upstanding citizens and most are even church going Christians! And quite caring citizens, paying it forward! Conservative, of course, yet giving when it counts, giving ourselves away, yet not crazy leftists, uhm, let's see, giving a hand out always -- but most of the time -- not a hand out but a hand up! You can give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, or you can teach a man to eat and he'll eat for a lifetime! It is the only fair and moral way to be with the man (and woman!). Yes, we're all about helping AND personal responsibility, marrying the two! So you see, we all turned out well. Dads and Moms spending time w/ their children is priceless. Just priceless! And no, we didn't have a bunch of money, because we had a family of 8, but we were very HAPPY. We didn't even know we were missing anything, LOL. Now we are very happy, having learned a lot from my parents -- how to be good citizens, live morally, have integrity, help the less fortunate, pay it forward, purposeful acts of kindness!, be honest, be responsible for our own actions, make the life you want to have, personal responsibility, make it happen, etc. Spend time with your children, give them the values you want them to have, you'll never be sorry you did!

Thanks Captain, for a great post, and for getting me to think.

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