Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Would She Rather He Had Stuck Around?

A woman has successfully sued her ex-fiance for $150,000 because he broke off the engagement.

Shell argued her fiance's promise of marital bliss amounted to a binding contract. She said she left a high-paying job in Florida to be with Gibbs and she said she has suffered financial losses since their break-up. She also said she has suffered emotionally.
"People shouldn't be allowed to do that and hopefully he'll think twice before he does it to someone else," said Shell.

Wow. Isn't it better to break up before the marriage rather than get married and realize they weren't right for each other? I guess not according to this woman. This seems to be a clear case of inflated self-importance. "I'm special and I should always get what I want." Maybe the guy broke up with her in a rather distasteful manner; still, it shouldn't give her the ability to make him pay her $150,000. Guess what, lady? Life's a bitch. Grow up and deal with it.

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