Monday, October 20, 2008

High Cholesterol

I recently got the lab results back from my most recent visit to the doctor. My A1C is still good - between 5 and 6. I wasn't worried about that test. The one I was less sure about was my cholesterol level. Three months ago, my LDL level was 81. If I was "normal" (not diabetic), that would be great as the goal is to be under 100. My doctor said, however, that I should be under 70. He recommended I get more exercise and eat more grains. Well, I typically eat a fairly well-balanced diet already so that meant getting more exercise. Did I? Uh, no. It's hard when you are busy to make time for a regular exercise regimen. I do try to do little things like taking the stairs, parking farther away when going to the story, and going for walks and such with my daughters. I did not think that it would be enough to bring my LDL level as much as it did, but it did. I still should get more exercise than I do, but at least my cholesterol is down.

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