Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Coddle Your Kids

Another study out showing the risks in being too soft with your children. As a proud parent of two beautiful daughters, I certainly understand the impulse to shield and protect your children from all potential harm. If any harm were to befall them while they were with me, I don't know how I could handle it.

Unfortunately, however, we don't live in a perfect world and the fact of the matter is that kids need to learn risk management. If that means bumps and bruises, scrapes and tears, and even the occasional broken bone, then so be it. Eventually the kids have to grow up and enter the real world and learn that it isn't all roses. If they can learn some of those lessons while they are young, they will be better prepared for adult life and it won't come as such a shock when mommy and daddy aren't right there holding their hand every step of the way.

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