Sunday, August 17, 2008

Colleges and Political Correctness

A new study says that college faculty are more liberal than the public at large, but not as liberal as they used to be. They also claim that conservative professors do not face near as much bias as if often claimed and are typically quite successful.

But for those who say that these tenured radicals have all the power in academe, the study finds that politically correct professors’ views on the role of politics in hiring decisions aren’t very different from the views of other professors. Further, the study finds that a critical mass of politically incorrect professors is doing quite well in securing jobs at the most prestigious universities in the United States, despite claims that such scholars are an endangered species there.
After having shown that, while there are politically correct professors, there are many who are not, Simmons turns to data to examine what happens to those who are politically incorrect. Here he looks for “stars,” those who publish much more than others or who in other ways demonstrate levels of excellence beyond the norm. Here he finds considerable success by the politically incorrect. Of those at top 50 institutions, 73.3 percent are stars.

Of course, not everyone agrees with the authors of the study. In a big surprise, they are conservatives.

It seems that the people who raise a hue and cry over pressing issues like liberal bias in the media or on college campuses should spend more time doing something about it instead of complaining about it. Although, if it is not as big a problem as they make it out to be, well, then it's going to be a little harder to fix then, isn't it? Not to mention when they try, we end up with something like Liberty University and that's not going to solve any problems.

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