Sunday, June 1, 2008

And the Beat Goes On

The Democratic Rules & Bylaws Committee came to an agreement yesterday on the status of Michigan and Florida delegates, but it seems that it will only serve to further divide the party especially since Clinton and her surrogates keep hammering at the wedge. Much of the blame for this has to lie at the feet of the Democratic Party leadership. It was very foolish to strip both states of all of their delegates. The Republican plan of only stripping the two states of half their delegates made much more sense and would have spared everyone of much of this drama.

Of course, once it was done, it was up to Howard Dean and other party leaders to make sure something like the current circus did not occur. They should have been working behind the scenes to hammer out some sort of deal when the issue began to heat up or at the very least get Clinton to shut up and quit whining about the deal. She had no problem with the DNC decision back when she strutted around self-assured of getting the nomination. It was only after she realized Obama was going to smoke her that she started worrying about "disenfranchised voters." Why hasn't the media been hammering her more directly about this? I want to see her attempt to assemble a coherent answer when asked why she approved of the decision for awhile and then did a complete 180 on it.

The Dems need to rethink their rules so this does not happen again in the future. Clinton and her most fervent supporters are only making things more difficult for Obama and the party in the fall. The ludicrous calls to vote for McCain over Obama in November just boggle the mind. Obama and Clinton are very close policy wise. Anyone who supports Clinton just because of her genitalia needs to get their head examined. Obama has out-campaigned her plain and simple. Her argument that she is stronger against McCain in the fall is undercut by the fact that she can't even win her own party's nomination.

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