Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Watch Out Christian Bale

I had another follow-up visit yesterday with my doc about my diabetes. He's pleased with my sugar levels and doesn't see a need to adjust anything at the moment. That was good, but the even better news was that I have gained 21 pounds in the last month. So, now I have gained back nearly all of the weight I had lost. Not enough to fill out the Batsuit, but I'm getting there.


kyle said...

you lost all that weight and your wireless card really started to like your new look. now that you've gained it back i think your wireless card decided to leave you for someone less curvy.
im sorry to hear that your (ex)wireless card was so shallow.

Captain Noble said...

And here is always said it wasn't about looks, that didn't want a superficial relationship.


Why? Why did you do this to me, internal wireless card? We had so much together.


I'm happier without you, anyway. I don't need you! I like my new wireless card better. Who cares that it sticks two inches out of my computer and takes up a precious USB port? Our relationship is so much more than that. It makes me feel like a better person. It doesn't drag me down like you always did. In fact, I never even really loved you in the first place.

Goodbye, internal wireless card. I hope you enjoy your new life with someone else.