Monday, June 11, 2007

An exciting year for music

I all ready mentioned Nightwish is going to release their new CD later this year. There are some other CDs I am anxiously awaiting.

Metallica is currently in the studio working on an album. They have ditched Bob Rock who has produced all of their albums since the Black Album in 1991. While I am not as critical of this period as some fans, I am excited about a new producer and the hope that the new album will more closely resemble their first four.

Coldplay is also working on new music. Chris Martin has said that this one will be darker than previous efforts and will feature the piano less. I love their first three albums and the fact that they all sound unique; they haven't rested on their laurels and repeated the same sound over and over. I bet this one will be just as good as the others.

Night Castle, the long-delayed album by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is supposed to be out...*crosses fingers*...this year. This will be their second non-Christmas effort. Their first, Beethoven's Last Night, has become one of my favorite albums of all time. Some criticize the over-the-top bombast of their music, but I love it. The passion in their music is evident.

Flogging Molly has been playing new tracks at their live shows. They have said that they will be in the studio this summer recording their next album, but haven't said when they will release it. Another CD I can't wait to purchase. You can't go wrong with Celtic punk rock.

I think there are one or two others I'm forgetting at the moment, but that's a good list. This is a good year for music.

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